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    thank you for coming to Shinjitsu Muku website.

    This site is an information site about Shinjitsu Muku got experienced on base.

    I have been learning and experiencing journey through meditation in my mind and on the earth.

    First steps of each journey is very hard.

    We couldn't do and find the first step, some time we give starting up.

    I was so.

    But I think that is not the best cycle that we give up before starting the first steps.

    That is not easy starting the first steps, but sometimes the first step give big changes to our life.

     "Shinjitsu Muku" website focus all of the journey and creation that my treasure, and I want to tell you about knowledge that I have.

    I hope you can get and discovery something from this site.

    Only Japanese version site has journey on the earth that I have experienced.

    I introduce to the experience, knowledge and production from my creation and enlightment, and I tell you the method that I go step by step.

    This site uses affiliate system.

    I hope you use my affiliate link if you think this site is useful to you.

    Bless all of journey

    Shinjitsu Muku