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WHK-Ohiwa(2-3 days)


2017-nz-east-09.JPGDay 2:
This morning was colder, it was good we had extra blanket. 

I heard we stayed one night here. Also we would to go short hike. Meer parents told us at last night, tomorrow meeting time would be  at 9. However though passing at 9, it doesn't look like meeting together. We didn't know what we should do, For the moment we were working in our motor home. Second Christmas party started passing  at 10, we exchanged presents.

I had no idea when we go to the hike. We spent together passing at 1 pm, after that I thought we go to hike. But it seemed look like different. Finally we go passing at 2 pm. Was it OK we start to hike at this time, though today we need to move from this house ? 



2017-nz-east-10.JPGWe shared two cars with two families, arrived at some sport gym parking. The short hiking course start from beside gym road, Kohi Point Walkway.

While we went up stars, there were wonderful Agapanthus. We were going steep slop stair and pavement road. While we felt tired, we entered the forest road. Walking on the dirt road was good for our foots. Went though the forest in short time, we arrived a view point. We could look down the Whakatane city. I noticed this city was surrounded forest and sea, that't beautiful. After We had a relaxing time each other, we started walked again.





2017-nz-east-11.JPGWe went back and walk pavement road, we found Kohi Point Walkway sign. And then we entered the forest road again. This road is not only the forest road but also paved walking trails.

We had a fun time in forest, we could see fern getting sun and find leaf veins. Then we arrived at the top of the hill. This observation point was a wonderful panorama view that we couldn't even compare at the first view point. How beautiful scenery, that felt great.

Young brother girl friends mother was not doing hike. We met her here, She made lunch, and she came here by car and got ready for a picnic before we arrived. I was surprised her idea and attentive.



2017-nz-east-12.JPGWe had a lunch at the top of the hill, Yong brother and girl friends went back to the Auckland for tomorrow schedule. We got another car on, I thought we went back their house, but we arrived at the beach.

Whakatane beach length is about 11km, it is very flat. we had a enjoy time each other. There was hill beside beach, also there was trail to go to at the top of the hill. Why not to go ? Even though the trail was steep slope, there was fantastic ocean view. Nature is great.



2017-nz-east-13.JPGAlready the time was passed at 5 pm. Are Meer parents sure to move from here from now ? My schedule was breaking from morning. Furthermore Mum asked to girl friend mum,"Could we stay your house one more night ?" Really ? It was surprised to me and Meer gave up.

I wanted to split up them as soon as I can, because I become tired for not to grasp the situation. However Meer didn't want to use waste money for holiday park, he wanted to stay with them until they go back Auckland. It cannot be helped. I should to tried to take patient.Everything is a lesson.

Suddenly it decided to stay one more day. Although it was enoguh left overs from yesterday luxury meal for today's dinner.she made roast hum. I appreciated her very much, thank you, thank you, thank you.

















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