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This time we didn't make any schedule before trip. so sometimes we got gain and sometimes lose.

We used private holiday parks and free campgrounds.


March 2017


Camp site

13, Mon

Auckland - Waingaro

Waingaro hot springsby a chance.

14, Tue

Waingaro - Otorohanga

Camp Kiwi Holiday Park

15, Wed

Otorohanga - Mangaokewa

Sightseeing:Waitomo caves

Mangaokewa Scenic Reserve



Hiking:Mangaokewa Scenic Reserve Riverside Walk

Seaview Holiday Park

17, Fri

Mokau-New Plymouth

NZMCA Huatoki Park

18, Sat

New Plymouth - Oakura

Hiking:Ratapihipihi Scenic Reserve/ Lake Mangamahoe

Oakura Beach Holiday Park

19, Sun

Oakura - Mt.Taranaki

Hiking:Dawson Falls

Dawson Falls Visitors Centre Parking

20, Mon

Mt.Taranaki - Stratford

Hiking:Stratford Plateau

Stratford Kiwi Motels & Holiday Park

21, Tue


Stratford Kiwi Motels & Holiday Park

22, Wed

Stratford - Tongariro national park

the Park Hotel Ruapehu

23, Thur

Tongariro national park - Taupo

Hiking:Whakapaapit Valley Track

Riverside Park

24, Fri


Great Lake Taupo Holiday Park

25, Sat

Taupo ー Rotorua

Friend's house

26, Sun


Friend's house

27, Mon

Rotorua - Auckland



First our departure date was at 9th March. but at the time Huriicane that once 100years attacked Auckland. that was huge, huge.

Houses were close to coast had flood. Passing a few days, I wanted go to trip as soon as I can.

but still warning is being issued in Auckland. Meer didn't drive in this situation. Each opinion was differrence, Finally we had a big quaeel and flustration before the trip.





So that was a reason, our relationship was not good from start. We tried to be kindness, but we made some nuisance without knowing.

then get quell again and again in small things. Then our desire was exploded.

after that, we noticed what each other thinks. Finally we could understand my partner feeling more than before trip.


We had various first experience in this trip. We visited to Waikato cave that famous for Glow Worm. We stayed and hiked at Mt. Taranaki.

we had used only holiday park until this trip. However we tried to stayed some free campgrounds.


There are a lot of farm in north island west area as same as in east area. but image is absolutely different.

My east area farm image is just nature. My west area farm image looks like more luxury because maintenance is perfect.

Throughout this trip, I realize New Zealand has a lot of difference each area, and big country again.







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